vibrations bounce off the walls,
the echoes surround our ears,
a place filled with so much energy;
a buzz

when did these echoes turn so dark,
when did they turn into screams?
when did the screeching pierce through those eardrums
that were once a safe haven for sound?

when did those vibrations turn into earthquakes –
into bombs?
when did they stop surging through our bodies with
beauty and grace,
and start ripping them apart

all i hear now are sirens and cries,
shouts of desperation
as nails are picked from the bodies of little girls
and twenty-two are pronounced dead

yet that energy remains,
and although it is heartache and loss
that drives this energy,
it remains.

this city wont be buried under the rubble
and the blood,
it will rise up and we will sing again
from the bottom of our ash-filled lungs,
brick by brick, tear by tear,
we will rebuild our city,
we will rebuild our hope

you will not scare us, you will not bully us,
you will not win
because we are stronger than ever;
the vibrations are now songs;
the echoes are now shouts;
the energy is now a wave of relentlessness;
the buzz is still here –

and here it will remain.


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